Incoming - Application

Please note that we only accept applications forwarded to us by the legitimate coordinator at our partner universities. The Home University should communicate the selected candidates to the Erasmus Office of the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center.
The student must send:
§                     Application Form filled and signed by the student on our web site:
§                     3 photos in passport size
§                     Language Application Form, if you are interested in attending the Hungarian Course.
§                    Copy of the transcipt of your studies at your home university
§                     Learning Agreement accepted by the coordinator and signed by the student. You can download ours or use the application form of your own university
to the following address:
Erasmus Office
University of Debrecen,
Medical and Health Science Center
Pf. 100
4012 Debrecen
The deadlines for receiving the applications forms are:
First semester
15 June
Second semester
15 November
Full Academic Year
15 June



When you arrive to Debrecen you must go to the Erasmus Office and to the Educational Office of the MHSC in order to arrange the registration procedures.
The documents you have to hand in:
§                     A letter from your Home University stating the period of the scholarship, duly signed and stamped by the coordinator of the Home University.
§                     Copy of the E-128 form (national health insurance) or any private insurance
§                     Copy of valid passport or identity card (for E.U. students)
Once completed the registration the student receive the Student Card for the University of Debrecen. International students are required to pay the same registration fee for library use and for the student card as Hungarian students (at present s total cost of about 10 Euros).
The dates for the registration are:
First semester
1-15 September
Second semester
1-15 February
Full Academic Year
1-15 September